1. I thank God for healing my son during the last Divine Experience in 2017. The disease defied medical assistance but when I brought my son to the programme; he was healed totally – Sis Debbie Samuel


  1. I thank God of Divine Experience who came through for me when things became difficult for me. I applied for funding for a project but my application was turned down. I called on God of divine experience to help me; and he did. Miraculously, I got a call from the University Funding Committee to congratulate me for the approval of the funding for my project; they decided to reconsider my application. In addition, I applied for a particular position but was given a higher position that I did not apply or qualify for – Sis Mafour Penn


  1. I thank the Lord for His many blessings in my life. I thank God for meeting my financial needs. I also thank God for two of my children who gained admission into the university. – Bro Felix Ikechukwu.


  1. I want to appreciate the Almighty God for healing my daughter of severe migraine despite a negative MRI scan report. After a word of knowledge from Pastor Martins, that was the end of the disease. In addition my last daughter turned 13 in the year. My mother also went to be with the Lord in the year and God met all our needs for the burial. I thank God for journey mercies for the burial – Sis Jumoke Adebulehin



  1. Thanking the Lord for good report that we are receiving concerning our children who are out of the country. I appreciate God for his goodness to my entire family. – Dcns Evelyn Iloba


  1. We thank God as a family for healing, financial provision for our post graduate programmes, and for keeping our young home since we got married 3 years ago – Bro & Sis Idris


  1. I thank God for divine provisions; for meeting my financial needs to complete my Pharmacy degree at the University. I also got a placement for my internship despite stiff competition. I got a place with the best pharmaceutical company in the country – Sis Nono Adams


  1. There were many challenges during my engagement ceremony. A fiery storm blew away the canopy set up for the day, the car taking my family to my fiancée’s village broke down several times on the way. Today, I looked back at God’s goodness to my new family over 2 years of marriage. We have been blessed with a set of twins and God has really been good to us; no wonder the devil fought so hard at our engagement ceremony. To God be the glory- Bro Edet Ekpo


  1. I thank God for the healing in my left eye. I used the mantle Pastor Adeboye blessed during the last RCCG convention on the painful  left eye and the pain instantly disappeared – Bro Joseph Adisa


  1. I thank the Lord for His goodness over my family. My son graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in Accounting. He passed in flying colours and also got a merit award from the University – Bro Olu Sawyer


  1. My appreciation goes to the Almighty for coming through for me. The Lord met all my needs as a student in the country. I was awarded a United Nations linked fellowship award in Science; chosen amongst 14 female scientists in Sub – Saharan Africa. God is good all the time – Sis Wumi Sadare


  1. I thank God for preserving the life of my daughter. She suddenly became sick and started stooling continuously. I thank God for his intervention and for saving her life. She is completely healed of the strange ailment. I also got healed during the 2017 Prayer Conference of pain in my waist. – Sis Patricia Dominic


  1. I thank God for journey mercies on all my travelling. I also thank God for blessing me with a job as an IT Consultant in the month of New Beginnings, through the exceptional skills permit – Bro Yomi Bello


  1. The Lord healed me and delivered me from a chronic terrible cough. I took few drops of anointing oil and I was cured miraculously- Sis Rose Shubi


  1. I thank the Lord for preserving my marriage and for making it possible for me to be reunited with my husband who travelled out of the country for some time – Sis Mercy Durowaiye


  1. Thanking God for the success of our wedding ceremony in Nigeria. The Lord protected my family and granted us journey mercies during the celebrations – Bro David Iriaka
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