Sister Rose Shubi


By Sis Rose Shubi

Esther named Hadassah was a Jewish orphan girl who eventually became the Queen of Persia. She was brought up in Shushan by her uncle, Mordecai (Est.2:5-6). The book of Esther which is named after her is a historical chronicle of the fall of the Persian Queen Vashti (Est.1:10-19). The book of Esther is full of lessons on faith, wisdom and the power of fasting and prayer.  The focus of my writing is on how Queen Esther was able to use the tools of fasting and prayer to obtain access. When Esther became the Queen by divine intervention of God; it was because God knew that at a point in time, the Jews would need someone to fight their battles in the highest place in the land; the Palace. Haman, the arch enemy of the Jews was a high ranking officer in the cabinet of King Ahasuerus. He hated the Jews and was always planning how to kill them.

Haman had plotted and schemed to destroy the Jews. He even tricked the King to get approval to carry out the execution. Mordecai and all the Jews in Shushan were in great distress. Mordecai sent a message to Esther and requested that she speaks with the King to stop the execution of the Jews. At the time of the incident; the King had not requested to see Esther. By law; no one, including the Queen can come into the inner court to see the King unless the King had sent for the individual; if anyone did that; and the King fails to hold out his golden scepter to grant permission/ approval to see him; that person is immediately removed from the inner court and killed. That was the grave danger Esther was in at the time of the crisis. If Esther refused to see the King to discuss the matter; all her people including her uncle; Mordecai would be killed.  (Est. 4: 4-14)

In that critical time, Esther called for a 3 day dry fast; no food or drink. She, her maids, Mordecai and all the Jews in Shushan observed the fast. The purpose of the fast was for God to grant Esther favour in the sight of the King so that when she enters his court without permission; she would be given access by the King. (Est.4: 15-17). On the third day, Esther, still fasting put on her royal apparel and approached the inner court. If not for the power of God in fasting and prayer; that decision would have cost Esther her life; but instead, she obtained favour because as soon as the King saw her; he held out his golden scepter and asked her to table her request. From that single access she was able to invite the King and the enemy; Haman to a banquet; where all the evil plan of Haman was exposed and Haman was disgraced and destroyed. (Est. Chapters 5 & 7). The execution of the Jews was stopped and Haman was hanged on the gallows he had prepared for Mordecai. Fasting and Prayer give you wisdom and boldness, you are empowered for the task ahead of you. (Matt. 17: 21). There is divine power backing fasting and prayers. Use your weapon of warfare to obtain access in this season.


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