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I am battling with procrastination; how can I overcome this habit please? It is destroying my life.


Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing something. Procrastination is something almost every one of us has given into, from time to time. We often find various excuses for not wanting to do a task on time and it can be incredibly difficult to get back on track once we procrastinate. When we put things off, they do not become any easier when we now have to accomplish the task. Procrastination sometimes may even have dire consequences. Therefore, procrastination is the act of wilfully delaying the doing of something that should be done against a set deadline, and in some people, it is a habitual way of handling any task. Procrastination is a character flaw which must be dealt with. The first tip to overcoming procrastination is to avoid it; DO NOT PROCASTINATE.


There are many reasons why people procrastinate; once you identify the reason why you postpone what you need to do on time; that is one practical way of dealing with this weakness in your life. The following are some of the reasons why we procrastinate: Laziness (Prov 12: 24), Fear of failure (2 Tim 1:7), Doubt (Matt 21: 21), looking for a more convenient time (Eccl 11:4), worldly entanglement (Matt 19:22). Be honest with yourself; ask yourself; ‘why do I procrastinate? Is it because I am afraid or I am just too lazy to get up to do it?  Once you are able to identify what is the reason behind your postponing important matters/ tasks, you are on your way to recovery. Submit to God, resist the devil and he shall flee from you (James 4: 7)


Many have suffered dearly from this habit of procrastination, golden opportunities have been lost, time has been lost and careers have been ruined. Some have suffered delays to their prayers/ open doors by not praying and taking time to fast when necessary; they were just too lazy or tired to fight the good fight of faith. Many have risked their health by not taking immediate action to seek for help. Some have missed their life partners by wasting time in making up their minds or taking opportunities/ people for granted. Some have missed their salvation by postponing; thinking there will be other times; there were no other time for them! They died before the next altar call.


There are few practical ways we can suggest to assist you in locating the cause of procrastination in your life and how to deal with it. Consider the following prayerfully:


  1. Know yourself and understand your weaknesses; do not excuse your bad habit, deal with it – Prov 26: 13. Prayerfully ask God to show you where the problem lies so you can deal with it with His help. Acts 2: 21
  2. Start practising effective time management. Get rid of things and people who represent ‘time wasters’ in your life. Whatever does not add value to your life is a ‘time waster’.
  3. Proper planning and priotising. Start using small cue cards, mobile calendars to plan your day, be diligent. – Luk 14:28-29, Eccl 3: 1
  4. Spend less time chatting on social media, mobile phones and watch less TV. etc. You will become more productive and effective.
  5. Focus on a day at a time. It will get better every day. Slow and steady progress wins the race.
  6. If you have a spiritual mentor; ask for help. Let them know what changes you are trying to make in your life and how they can assist you by checking on your progress from time to time. You will overcome in Jesus name.


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