Victorious Celebration: A Product of Total Victory by Pastor Gboyega Oyinloye

Pastor Gboyega Oyinloye

Victorious Celebration: A Product of Total Victory
Text: Exodus 14:31; 15:1-7


 Pastor Gboyega Oyinloye


The recently concluded 2018 World Cup Tournament featured over sixty teams, and each of them looked forward to carrying the Trophy and being launched into a season of victorious celebration. During the tournament, there were many surprises.

As Christians, we are in a race which must culminate in an exciting and victorious celebration, but our attitude to the various types of victories we are confronted with before the ultimate one is a strong determinant for our total victory. As regards this, Paul says in Phil. 3:12-16, ‘I have not arrived, I forget all past achievements, I press on, minding the rule of the game so as to lay hold on the ultimate.’

Before a person engages in a victorious celebration, such a person must have overcome all challenges and breathed a sigh of relief, knowing fully well that he has safely escaped to safety – II Tim. 4:6-8. A barren woman who became pregnant would be glad, but she will not give a testimony and celebrate until the baby is born. In the same vein, a student who wrote an examination, no matter how well he or she performed will not throw a party until the results are released. Likewise, a house under construction will not be dedicated until it is completed. Similarly, a Christian must not let down his or her guard until he or she sees the Captain of his or her salvation.

There are many types of victories, but not all lead to victorious celebration. Let us examine a few of them.

  1. Uncelebrated victory – This kind of victory denies the victor of celebration. It can also be referred to as sour victory – Judges 11:29-39, Jephthah was victorious over his enemies but could not celebrate. In Judges 16:25-31, Samson recorded outstanding victory over the Philistines but he did not live to celebrate it. In 1Samuel 14:1-46, with the help of God, Jonathan, the son of Saul wrought great victory for Israel, but it was followed by confusion. Unknown to Jonathan who tasted honey, Saul had cursed whoever would taste food before the day ran out. Instead of celebrating the victory, a death sentence had been passed on Jonathan. Again, in II Sam. 19:1-3, the defeat of Absalom who rebelled against King David was not celebrated as it became a day of mourning for David. I knew a lady some years ago who studied Geography and Mathematics in a College of Education; she was the only one who passed in her Department. However, as soon as she saw her results, she developed a mysterious headache which led to her death. May you not be a recipient of this kind of victory in Jesus name.2. Negotiated victory – This is a cosmetic type of victory that the enemies always offer God’s children and unfortunately, some fall for it. God’s mandate for Moses was to bring out the Israelite’s, with all their possessions from the house of bondage, but Pharaoh began to negotiate with Moses some unfavorable terms of victory. First, Pharaoh told the Israelite’s to sacrifice to God in Egypt in Exodus 8:25-28. He also told them to go and sacrifice but not to go far. In Exodus 10:8-11, 24-26, Pharaoh asked only the men and the little ones to go, leaving the women behind and also agreed that they should go but without their belongings, Moses not only rejected the negotiation, he demanded for compensation. If you are looking for a job or contract and you are asked to go out on a date or give a bribe before securing it, reject it.3. Compromised victory – This is a type of victory gained by going against the rule of the game. For instance, if a student passes an examination by cheating or a politician wins an election through rigging and malpractices, it is a compromised victory. In Numbers 20:1-12, Moses struck the Rock to produce water contrary to the dictates of God. In Joshua 6:18, the Israelite’s were warned against taking any accursed thing from Jericho so that their victory would be continuous. Achan disobeyed and the Israelite’s’ victory was terminated. In 1 Samuel 15:1-35, Saul achieved victory over Amalek but did not follow God’s instructions completely. This type of victory is sweet at the beginning but bitter at the end.
  2. Incomplete victory – This is the type in which the victor accomplishes a great feat, but rests on his oars prematurely, forgetting that darkness is just around the corner waiting for the light to go off. In I Kings 13:1-31, we see the story of a man of God who performed miracles; while returning, he rested under an oak tree and he was overtaken. No matter how many goals a football team is leading with, it must not rest until the final whistle is blown.5. No victor no loser kind of victory – This type of victory is referred to as a draw. In II Kings 3:5-27, the king of Moab warred against Israel, and when he saw that he was losing, he sacrificed his first son and there was supernatural indignation against Israel and the war ended. You are not a candidate of a draw in a game, you must win and you will win in Jesus name.

  3. 6
    . Total or ultimate victory – This is the sweetest and the best of all. It is incontestable, permanent and indefinite. At the Red Sea, the Lord gave the Israelite’s total and permanent victory over the Egyptians, and the Israelite’s sang a new song; Exodus 14: 30. Jesus recorded the ultimate victory on the Cross of Calvary over sin, death and the grave. This made Him to declare in I Corinthians 15:55, “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” This has positioned every Christian as a victor. You are expected to appropriate the victory Jesus has secured for you, walk in it, live by it and expectantly possess it for a victorious celebration.

What victory have you recorded? France, the proud winner of 2018 World Cup did not celebrate while the tournament was still in progress. Celebration is sweet when the battle is completely won. Brethren, the race is still on, the enemy is still raging, the terrain is not ours, let us keep contending for the faith that has been delivered to us. We shall win and celebrate in Jesus Name.

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